“The mission of Fangirl Shirts is to provide quality shirts by, for and about awesome women. We envision a world where girls and women are full and equal participants in all areas of their lives.”

This kind of mission means that FGS isn’t just any t-shirt company – they are out there looking for fun, relatable, celebratory designs that engage the folks in different fandoms. They have shirts for Wynonna Earp, Killjoys, Lost Girls, One Day at a Time, and more.

Designing shirts for FGS is always a positive partnership in brainstorming and refining. They bring natural art direction instincts to their design ideas, while still leaving room for input and interpretation. As a designer the goals are all about honing in on the root of the idea, developing the idea into its full form, and then creating a design that goes beyond expectations.


T-shirt design


Canadian/American owned; international reach


July 2017 to present

Based on tv shows, the designs are born in the brains of FGS and executed by Michelle Johnson Design, but the process of getting to a final design is often a collaboration and a trial-and-error journey towards something that just feels right.

Members within the fandoms often drive the design ideas (or outright request them from FGS). Each t-shirt is designed with an understanding of the show it is based on, and some deep dive research into the visual make-up of its world.