Ladylocks is a new hair salon in Vancouver, BC. Their vision: to be an intentional space for individuality and style and to always represent, create and accept the full range of a woman’s expression of beauty.

The development of this brand drew inspiration from historical tarot cards, specifically the names of the cards and the hand rendered line drawings found on each. The colour palette is light, inspiring and fresh, while being complemented by a darker interior styling that reclaims those colours that are typically “masculine”.

The target market is women between the ages of 27 and 40, they share common traits like: a progressive outlook on society, a curiosity and interest in the world, purchase behaviour often driven by experience, and a moderate to high priority of their appearance as an expression of identity.

Their promise is Acceptance, Authenticity, Awesome Hair.


Brand Identity




September 2016

Promo postcards were designed (pictured above) to convey the colour palette, the tarot card feel, and the overall aesthetic of the brand. On the back is the menu, as well as a discount promotion.

Each service offered is named after a tarot card, and comes with a complementary beverage. The focus is on experience; clients will feel immersed in tactile, warm, rich environment.

Acceptance, Authenticity, Awesome Hair.