Locus restaurant is a local restaurant and lounge on Vancouver, BC’s trendy Main Street, in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. Founded in 2005, this dining spot has lasted well in a competitive industry. They offer “an eclectic fusion of modern and classic favourites. The staff sources the best local and seasonal ingredients to create innovative dishes and delicious daily specials.”

A shift towards becoming a more recognized trendy/popular restaurant choice in the city amongst foodie-Vancouverites was undertaken with the rebrand, creating a new personality for the company that showcases its quirks and jazzy, ambient vibes.






September 2016

The webpage was redesigned to allow visitors to quickly access the sections they need: location, reservations, menu. It was also structured to create a quick snapshot of the restaurant’s vibe and value proposition. Visitors should know immediately what Locus is about.

The advertising campaign for Locus focuses on its location within the community of Mount Pleasant. The goal is to make frequent visitors from their neighbourhood feel like they are “in the know” and make the rest of Vancouver’s foodie scene feel like they want to find out more about this under-the-radar gem.