Primordial Beauty

Primordial Beauty offers health products, one-to-one health and wellness consulting, and wellness education. In each interaction they enact their philosophy of beauty through honour, empowerment, a celebration of strengths, human touch, and an attention to detail.

A complete visual identity was created for this company, including all collateral and packaging design for their line of products. The goals were to create a brand that is iconic, modern, and can grow along with the company.


Brand Creation


Canadian owned; international reach


Oct 2017 to Feb 2018

The package design manufacturing is done in house with the Primordial team, so designing the labels was a systematic creation of guidelines for each of their sizes of labels, accounting for each of the components that might appear on the label. This way each label could be created on-the-go while still maintaining the precision of the design layout.

Primordial Beauty’s logo has soft, natural colours and a mathematically derived spiral broken into its individual shapes. This pays homage to both the natural world from which our products come, and the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.