This is a conceptual travel magazine, with the following vision:
“Ours is a travel & lifestyle magazine geared towards all those who find themselves in ‘the space between’: the space between trips; between traveling like they were 20 again and traveling like they are retired; between stages in their lives.

Our aim is to provide a space where people can both take a journey vicariously, and dream and plan for their next one. Where they can learn how to view their home base with the same sense of wonder and adventure that they have while traveling. Where they can satisfy that place of curiosity and wanderlust within that keeps them always gazing at the horizon”

The target market is: ages 25 to 45; Female to Male ratio 60/40%; Income 40 to 90k annually; Education post-secondary; Lifelong love of traveling; Strong sense of adventure; Curious, empathetic, inquisitive; Strong relationships; Deep interest in people, learning, growth; Established personal aesthetics.


Magazine Publication




December 2015

Features focus on activities to do in a specific country: surfing in Portugal, working in Spain, exploring Iceland and so on.

Departmentals adhere to the following themes: Curious; Dream; Play; Home; Dismantle. They are spaces to explore and spotlight all of the various ways one can live with an outward gaze.